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Hong Kong Sizzles

One might expect otherwise, but in some ways Hong Kong is hotter than ever. Mercedes Benzes rule the streets and cell phones just sort of rule in general. As for tourism, it hasn't slowed an iota.

Once in Hong Kong, fit right into all the five-star hotels and trendy restaurants by wearing your latest from Gucci or Chanel. Check out one of the city's innovative young designers who aren't marketed outside China...yet. LuLu Cheung at the Landmark (852.2537.7515) makes beautiful sophisticated dresses in muted tones while Walter Ma, a little more edgy, prefers synthetic fibers that may one day be perfect for space travel. For furniture and housewares almost no one compares to designer David Leung, who owns the eclectic store Graham 32 (852.2815.5188), full of his hand-designed furniture, books and even floral arrangements by his sister Dorothy Leung.

Heading the top of almost everyone's favorite new restaurant list is Blue (852.2815.4005), a hot boite, popular with the financial and fashion crowd. It also has a five-star wine list, heavy on Australian vintages and singled out for beautiful glassware.

Although they may be hiding out in one of the private karaoke rooms, celebrities reportedly love hanging at the restaurant/night club Green Spot (852.2836.0009). An international cuisine is served until very late but beware: the drinks are more easily afforded by the pop stars and television hosts who inhabit the place.

If late night isn't your cup of tea, try the real thing at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental's Clipper Lounge (852.2522.0111). You'll enjoy the aromatic teas and bubbly champagne served with scones and cream or the hotel's legendary cheesecake.

Finally, two suggestions for nature-lovers. Hong Kong Park is a pond-filled wonder with numerous waterfalls with great people watching, too. Locals like to do tai chi here in the mornings. With luck you may even catch an afternoon wedding. Visit the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden where parrots and songbirds are kept as pets in beautifully carved cages. Locals often meet for tea, bringing along their birds for company, adeptly using chopsticks to feed them live worms.

January 56-64° F Cloudy
February 56-64° F Cloudy
March 56-64° F Pleasant with fog
April 67-75° F Occasional humidity
May 67-75° F Hot and humid
June 67-75° F Hot and humid
July 78-87° F Hot and humid
August 78-87° F Hot and humid
September 78-87° F Typhoon season
October73-81° F Tropical cyclones
November 73-81° F Subtropical
December 73-81° F Comfortable

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